Web Presence for Less

We are dedicated to the small business entrepreneur, or individual looking to have a presence on the "Web". We produce websites, graphics, sound, animation, and web content tailored to match our customers needs, and desires. The web is big, and a presence that will stand out against the huge expanse of content out there is important. We can do that for you.


Confidentiality is very important to Dogwoodweb.Com. We will not divulge any of your personal information, your Host Provider accounts, financial institutions, PAYPAL, or associations with any organizations without your verified written consent. Your account information is maintained using the highest encryption standards available. Our personnel have been formally trained to handle classified information. Your information is safe with us.

Our Core Values

  • To provide premium services to our clients at a reasonable price.
  • To maintain our customer base through honest, and reliable service to them.
  • To make the WWW a better place to visit, shop, and network from.