Products We Can Create For You

The work we do for our clients is diverse. Your website can be simple, or it can be complex with multiple options and graphics. Think of the impact graphics may have on your visitors to your website. Someone once said: "A picture is worth a thousand words." In the case of web traffic it may be worth a thousand dollars. That being said, graphics play a critical role in your websites appeal. We can publish graphics in over 60 different formats including vector drawings, 3D modeling, raster images, and photographic works. We utilize professional graphic software such as AutoCAD, Swift 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, CorelDraw, and Microsoft Expression Design. We publish professional results.

Animated Graphics & Advertising Rollovers

Flash Movie Content
Flash movie format is from the Adobe company. It has many advantages over the Windows movie format. It can be hyperlinked on any frame, it is more compressed than other formats, and can be used by nearly any computer because the flash viewer can be downloaded free from Adobe. Sound can be added to set it off well.

Windows Media Content
Windows media player format is versatile in it's own way. It can run movies that can be taken from video recording devices, flash, 3D animation, studio guitar, and many others. It contains control buttons for the animation, and works well for demonstrations, or learning.

3D Modeled Graphics
3D modeled graphics can be simple, or complicated. Simple graphics are models like text, and basic shapes. Complicated graphics are models like text with complex shapes created using basic shapes to form scenes in a movie. All the graphics on this page were produced using 3D graphic software. Then edited with Adobe Photoshop.

Advertising Rollovers
Advertising rollovers are many advertisement images or short movie clips that sequentially change from first to last, and then start again. They are usually made using the Flash format. When your mouse "Rolls Over" the image or movie it will either stop, or start. The images usually have links to off-site businesses.

Static Images and Graphics

Custom Static Images
Custom static images are made using either a drawing program, or a painting program. They can include a multitude of different characteristics, and can be quite personal. Customized artwork and images are more personal to the client, and can make the precise statement the owner wants to make to the viewer. These are where flash movies make their beginning sometimes.

Stock Photo's and Clipart
Stock photo's and clipart are acquired through clipart software, or are included with many software programs for sale like Print Shop Pro, etc. There are many clipart sources to choose from.*
*Royalty Free Clipart can be used without any copyright infringement problems.