Dogwoodweb.Com Services

Services we provide for our clients are somewhat diverse because sometimes we are the go-between for services you need for your website, and the company you will get them through. We have no fee for many of these services, however you must still pay the host provider for the services we obtain on your behalf.

Domain Name RegistrationDomain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration is accomplished through a domain name registrar service. We do not charge a fee for this service as long as it is in addition to other chargeable work we do for you using the domain name. Domain names can be registered for between 1 year and even as many as 10 years. For an additional fee from the domain registrar your domain name can be made private, or protected, or both.


Website Hosting AccountWebsite Hosting Account
Web site hosting can be accomplished through a reputable hosting company such as GoDaddy.Com, iPage.Com, or FatCow.Com to name only a few. The hosting company Dogwoodweb.Com uses most often is GoDaddy.Com. Hosting company's can provide many different levels of service for you such as economy, deluxe, form mail, high band width, and security to name a few. We do not charge a fee for this service as long as it is in addition to other chargeable work we do for you using the hosting account.


Email Account ServicesEmail Hosting Account
Email hosting normally is included in your Hosting Account. The normal email address that is included is your Hosting Admin email address, and Dogwoodweb.Com will set it up for you if we set up your hosting server. You can, as a paid option from most hosting providers, receive additional email accounts and email service. Dogwoodweb.Com can maintain them for you as part of our maintenance package.


Shopping Cart Setup ServicesShopping Cart Setup Services
A Shopping Cart Setup can be performed by us if you want to sell items through your website. A shopping cart system can be setup to use only PayPal, or it can be setup to use various credit cards. Once these systems are in place, they are easy to maintain with only minor instruction. It must be noted that with the installation of a shopping cart system to your website that you should get security (SSL) installed on the server containing your shopping cart system. Most people will not divulge their personal information over an unsecure server no matter the price of an item you are selling.


Secure Socket LayersSSL Installation
Secure Socket Layer installation service is a service provides for a fee. SSL is a must for anyone operating a storefront, or shopping cart system on their website. It provides two things: (1) It gives the owner peace-of-mind when it comes to shoppers personal information security. (2) It gives the shopper confidence in your website and store as well as creating a viable certificate for them to view.


Website MaintenanceWebsite Maintenance and Optimizing
Website maintenance and optimization is required for any website that is dynamic in it's presentation to the viewer. This requires that the webpage's and content on them change regularly. Databases must be optimized regularly as well as the shopping cart in a storefront. this work can be contracted as "Basic Services", "Deluxe Services", and "Premium Services". Basic services keeps your storefront databases optimized, maintains established email accounts, and covers webpage updates to no more than 25% of each webpage (up to 10 webpage's) per month. Deluxe services performs everything from the basic, but covers webpage updates for 40% of each webpage (up to 25 webpage's) per month. Premium services performs everything from the Deluxe, but covers webpage updates for 75% of each webpage (up to 40 webpage's) per month. None of these "Maintenance" packages include new webpage construction, creation of graphics, or server side maintenance.


Website Graphics and PhotographyWebsite Graphics and Photography
Website graphics and photography are services we can provide for website owners. They can be elaborate, or simple in nature. When done well they transmit the true feeling of the website, and the desire of the owner to the viewer. We use state of the art Adobe Professional Series Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks as well as high resolution (Canon Digital SLR) photography. From macro to telephoto photography, we cover it all. We use only professional series Canon lenses, and filters for the best possible photographic shots.